Eastern Counties Heavy Horse Association - Established 1989
For Sale & Wanted

For Sale

26" Norfolk Collar with wooden haimes - £200
Tel : 01603 279617 or 07879081618

26" - 28" Adjustable Collar and Pad 
8" Liverpool Driving Bit
Tel : 07749568843

Heavy Horse Decorations made to order including Flights, Wools and Mane Rolls. Prices start at £1.25 per flight
Tel : 07712832226


Four wheel flat trolley or similar. Must have brakes and shafts.
Tel : 07749568843

Placing an Advert 
The cost is £10 per advert for members and £20 for non members.

Photographs are welcome, but please send only ONE photo per email + 20 words.

The advert will run as per the duration of the Magazine (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)

Please contact  cweatherburn07@aol.com if you would like to purchase advertising space
Acceptance of adverts is at the discretion of the ECHHA Committee
 ECHHA does not accept responsibility for any of the information contained within these adverts
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